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BBC Celebrates The History Of British Television

Here's a clip from a BBC program celebrating the history of British television. Unsurprisingly, it's a history filled with… READ MORE

YouTube Comments- England: Evil Empire- Typical Englishman

england1413 I think you will find this bloke was asked - what do you think of all the immigrants that have recently arriv… READ MORE

22-Year-Old Jailed For Singing Spiderpig To Cops

David Mullen, 22, was arrested for fighting on July 25. While sitting in the police van on his way to jail, he started sin… READ MORE

YouTube Comments- England: Evil Empire- Truth and Lies

LiamGodlington I doubt the English killed 6 million indians. Hamdaman101 Why do the few make so much noise. pool… READ MORE

British Police Refuse To Investigate Crime

A gang of 30 teenagers overturned Colleen Donnelly's car in Bloxwich, West Midlands, and when her boyfriend, Simon White, … READ MORE

YouTube Comments- England: Evil Empire- BBC Radio 5 Live Interview

Keegan343f Steven is an Uneducated, self absobed prick! suepointen To all those getting so worked up about this non… READ MORE

British Films Not Good Enough For Top 100 List

French magazine Cahiers du cinéma just named their list of top 100 films of all time. Citizen Kane is tops, while an asso… READ MORE

Believing No Human Can Score On Them, Brits Attribute Goal To Ghost Dog

Today's front-page sports news in England deals with their 2-1 football (soccer) victory over Germany. Officially, Germany… READ MORE

YouTube Comments- England: Evil Empire- Upper Class Toffs

oclandestin This guy is definitely not an "upper class toff". He's got an ordinary British accent. These 'En… READ MORE

After Nearly 110 Years, Police Identify Jack The Ripper

Following the release of files from Broadmoor, a high-security hospital for the criminally insane in Berkshire, England, T… READ MORE

England Outraged By Construction Workers Drinking Lattes

If construction-worker trends are anything to go by, England's tea-drinking days are numbered. Lately, more and more labor… READ MORE

YouTube Comments- England: Evil Empire- A True Patriot

Hamdaman101 Northern Ireland is British. Learn it, get over it. And BTW, it was 1/4. More than Ireland had though. To… READ MORE

BBC Breaks New Ground, Films Whale Shark Defecating

They're claiming it's a first. No one else has ever captured on camera a whale shark, the world's biggest fish, moving its… READ MORE

YouTube Comments- England: Evil Empire- Seeds of Hatred

stusr1988 Britain never ruined the world fucking kaiser Wilhelm did ElbeRiver @Stus You probably dont know that … READ MORE

YouTube Comments- England: Evil Empire- ICBR Influences Livingstone Jackson

gerhardblucher either a real hitorian must write a book that correctly informs and analyses britains history or britishre… READ MORE

£4.5M Murder Investigation Finds No Murders Took Place

A murder investigation in Jersey that lasted several months and cost police £4.5M came to an end when it was concluded tha… READ MORE

YouTube Comments- England: Evil Empire- Letters from Angry Brits

warriorprince1010 The british... The computer, industrial revolution, electricity, football, golf, tennis, science, e… READ MORE

The Term "British" Deemed Offensive In Wales

A council in Caerphilly, South Wales has warned its staff not to use the term "British" as it is likely to offen… READ MORE

YouTube Comments- England: Evil Empire

FearTheIreland The britishits will get what's comin' ta dem. sagajagan We elect our PM you stupid retard. We're the… READ MORE

Hospitals Treating More And More Drunk Kids

Here's some sad, yet unsurprising news from England: From 2002 to 2007, 648 children under 10 were hospitalized with alcoh… READ MORE

British Claim They Invented Baseball

Author Julian Norridge is claiming that contrary to popular belief, baseball was invented by the British. His proof comes … READ MORE

English Airline Charges Amputee Extra To Fly

British budget airline, Jet2, charged double amputee, Mick Skee, a surcharge of £10 each way for taking an extra set of pr… READ MORE

Flares Deemed Too Dangerous For British Coast Guard

To further the proof that the British are too soft for their own good, the Maritime and Coast Guard Agency (MCA) has banne… READ MORE

British Men Urged To Be Manlier

It appears that we're not the only ones who've noticed British men eschewing hard labor in favor of tea parties. With the … READ MORE