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Hindu Rights Action Force Joins ICBR in Call For British Reparations

Ten thousand members of the Hindu Rights Action Force, or HINDRAF, protested in the Malaysian capital of Kuala Lumpur agai… READ MORE

Winehouse Crosses/Snorts Line

A recently posted YouTube video captures a lethargic Amy Winehouse snorting cocaine onstage at a show in Zurich this fall.… READ MORE

Blasphemous British Teacher Defies Laws of Islam, Sudan

Philadelphia, PA – November 26, 2007 A British teacher is spending her second night in a Sudanese prison after displa… READ MORE

London Reopens St. Pancras Station, Citizens Confused

Philadelphia, PA – November 20, 2007 Londoners celebrated the reopening of St. Pancreas station in north-central Lond… READ MORE

Letter To The ICBR: RE: Haha

Oh dear silly american, cos only an american would make this site of course. I've got nothing agenst americans. I have ame… READ MORE

Letter To The ICBR: RE: Welsh

By using the term British, you are including the Welsh (like me) and other Celtic offshoots of the United Kingdom, as part… READ MORE

Letter To The ICBR: Re: Ignorance

Are you stupid??? You blame Britain for all the world’s problems, and this is ridiculously stupid. You claim Britai… READ MORE

Letter To The ICBR: RE: A Load of Rubbish

What a load of rubbish, I am a university lecturer of history, and to be perfectly honest if i had to live under any empir… READ MORE

Osteoporosis Plagues British Heavy Metal Legends; Amy Crackhouse Sets New Bar For Acceptance Speeches

Philadelphia, PA – November 12, 2007 Fans of seminal hard rocker Led Zepplin will have to wait a just a little bit lon… READ MORE

Letter To The ICBR: RE: How Stupid You Guys Really Are!!

Dear Idiots and despicable creatures/members of the International Coalition for British Repriations - I must thank you. I… READ MORE

NFL Comes to London, Liverpool Boy Discovers He Has Balls After All

Philadelphia, PA – November 5, 2007 American Football arrived in England last week for the first official NFL game pl… READ MORE