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Greetings From Alcohol Alley

Tucked away in the outskirts of Manchester there's a one-mile stretch of road that locals have dubbed "Alcohol Alley.… READ MORE

Insurance Company Finds Britons Have Five Lives

A mortality report carried out by More Than Life Insurance has found that the average Brit cheats death an average of five… READ MORE

Tons Of Chicken Giblets Spilled On Road

A highly trafficked road in Nottingham had to be closed after a truck hauling chicken giblets accidentally spilled them al… READ MORE

Cops Raid Wrong Home, Force Disabled Woman Out Of Shower

Police scared a handicapped woman and her 22-year-old daughter to near death after they mistakenly burst into their home l… READ MORE

BBC Deems Humpy Dumpty Too Violent For Children

Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall, Humpty Dumpty had a great fall. All the King's horses, And all the King's men Couldn't put… READ MORE

David Cameron Comes Out With The Truth

There's a website called Speechbreaker that lets users remix speeches given by politicians. For the most part, remixers ha… READ MORE

Check Out The Happiest Place In England

Here in the States, our children are spoiled by wonderfully whimsical theme parks. They're magical places where children's… READ MORE

Evil Empire Reviewed On The Trench

Three years after its release, The Evil Empire continues to to stir controversy in the blogosphere and reviews keep pourin… READ MORE

Guess Who Came In Last In A Survey Of The Best Places To Live In Europe?

Why it's our old friend the UK! That's right, in a study ranking the best places in Europe to live in, the UK came in dead… READ MORE

Wake Up And Smell The Urine

Police in Derbyshire made a piss-poor effort of searching a man's home after forgetting to confiscate hundreds of containe… READ MORE

Briton Makes A Most Bizarre Wish...And It Comes True

Recovering from a broken jaw, 14-year-old Paige Jones was asked by a charity to make a wish. They told her it could be wha… READ MORE

England Bans Obese Bus Drivers

Next time you hop aboard a red double-decker, don't expect the driver to be munching on fried blood sausages. Bosses at St… READ MORE

Britain No Longer Amongst The 20 Best Countries To Live In

Reaching as high as number 10 in 1990, England's rank amongst the top 20 countries to live in has been on a downward spira… READ MORE

"Bus Stop" Proves Too Difficult For Briton To Spell

If your job consists solely of writing "Bus Stop" in bright yellow paint on roads, it's not preposterous to assu… READ MORE

10-Year-Old Tries To Sell Grandma On eBay, Narrowly Avoids Getting Charged With Human Trafficking

Zoe Pemberton, a 10-year-old from Clacton, Essex, is not too fond of her grandmother. She harbors such a dislike for her, … READ MORE