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Taxpayer Money Blown On New Police Logo

Norfolk citizens are outraged upon finding that police spent £35,000 (around $55,000) of their tax money developing a new … READ MORE

Pub Owners Fight For The Right To Serve Smaller Beers To Customers

The proposal for pubs to be allowed to serve a two-thirds pint of beer to patrons has been set forth in England. Currently… READ MORE

ICBR on The Secret Person Blog

Try THIS for taste --- Britainís Evil Empire - Spoof or Nutcase? The excellent Englishmanís castle has a press re… READ MORE

ICBR on An Englishman's Castle

We said it, and we mean it! --- It's all Britain and Adam Smith's Fault. Global Financial Crisis Blame Lies with Br… READ MORE

Brits Fight For Their Right To Hit Children

British Parliament has voted against an amendment that would criminalize spanking children. 424 MPs voted against the amen… READ MORE

British UFO Files Released

Amid the credit crunch and financial woes felt throughout the world, the British Ministry of Defense has made public hundr… READ MORE

Drunk Pony Falls In Swimming Pool

The sheer amount of debauchery in England never ceases to amaze. Just when you thought the limeys couldn't get any drunker… READ MORE

High Rates of Fecal Matter Found On British Hands

A recent study has found that an alarmingly high rate of Britons are walking around with traces of fecal matter on their h… READ MORE

Ringo Starr Doesn't Want Your Mail.

All right all you pestering Brits, stop sending Ringo Starr autograph requests. Apparently, the 68-year-old is just too bu… READ MORE

British Restaurants Poison Customers

As if there weren't enough reasons to pack a lunch when in London, a recent study of British Indian restaurants have found… READ MORE

Britain Now Only European Country To Allow Drinking And Driving

An effort to lower the legal driving blood alcohol level from 80mg to 50mg has failed in England, making it the only count… READ MORE

British Teachers Want To Cane Students

According to a Times Online article, one fifth of British teachers wish for caning to be allowed in the classroom once aga… READ MORE

Horse Banned From Pub

When Jackie Gray took over ownership of O'Malleys, a pub in Jarrow, South Tyneside, she was shocked to find that a horse, … READ MORE