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Cheerio Britain, Bonjour France!

Philadelphia, PA – October 31, 2007 Have relatively recent elections in Britain and France heralded a channel sea cha… READ MORE

British Museum Adds Dried-Up Orange to Collection of Stolen Artifacts

Philadelphia, PA – October 30, 2007 Well, sort of. A Staffordshire museum has added a 116-year-old orange to its cur… READ MORE

British Reparations?

Well speaking as a student of world history the following phrase springs to mind concerning this group. hahahahahahahah… READ MORE

Author of The Evil Empire & ICBR Founder Steven Grasse interviewed on BBC 5- Stephen Nolan Show

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Gearing Up for a Royal Stag Party?

Philadelphia, PA – October 24, 2007 What’s the fastest way into an ex-girlfriend’s pants? Tell her you love her and y… READ MORE

Keep Your Enemies Closer

Philadelphia, PA – October 16, 2007 Imagine if Karl Rove’s August departure from the White House had been in order to… READ MORE

Newsflash: Britons Take Interest in Dental Care

Philadelphia, PA – October 15, 2007 A recent study by England’s Commission for Patient and Public Involvement in Heal… READ MORE

How to Get Away With Raping A Minor in England: A Step by Step Guide

Philadelphia, PA – October 10, 2007 1) Convince friend to have house party 2) Invite underage girls 3) Go to … READ MORE

Straight Story:Brit Cops Shoot Innocent Guy. Lie About It. Postpone Official Report for Two Years.

Philadelphia, PA – October 9, 2007 After over two years, the Independent Police Complaints Commission, the British law… READ MORE