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Everybody Hates Gordon Brown

With the general election looming ever nearer, Gordon Brown is making the rounds doing interview after interview trying to… READ MORE

Britons Drool Over 2,645 Calorie Burger

Four 1/4lb beef patties, 12 onion rings, eight rashers of bacon, eight slices of cheese, two lettuce leaves, six slices of… READ MORE

Ponies Become Latest Victims Of Recession

Throughout these hard times of economic uncertainty, Britons have had to give up a lot of luxuries just to stay afloat. Th… READ MORE

Should've Seen It Coming: Inmates Given Hand Sanitzer To Combat Swine Flu Drink It And Incite Drunken Brawl

If there's one thing prisoners don't care about, it's getting sick. After all, any illness might land them in the nurse's … READ MORE

Nanny State Gets Nannier

With over 4 million cameras spread across the country, England is easily the most surveilled country in the world. Whateve… READ MORE

Briton Sums Up Britain

Here's what Ed West, an English journalist, had to say about his homeland: "Public drunkenness makes almost every … READ MORE

Britain Overrun By Mob Of Three-Year-Olds

Not content with simply letting the adults have all the fun, toddlers (as young as three) have now taken up typical Britis… READ MORE

Hospital Food Bingo

A journalist who has been stuck in the hospital for over 20 weeks with a "bone and flesh-eating bug" is so fed u… READ MORE

A Sickening Behind-The-Scenes Look At A Top British Supermarket

Footage of an ex-Asda employee wreaking havoc on the store has just been uncovered. Asda, a top British supermarket chain,… READ MORE

Britons Rank Their Top 10 Favorite Guilty Pleasures

What do British people do when no one is watching? Exactly what you'd expect them to: burp, watch stupid TV shows, and was… READ MORE

Won't Somebody Please Think Of The Fish: Toy Boats Banned From Ponds

Proving that they are indeed the coldest child rearers in the world, a 9-year-old boy was reduced to tears after he was to… READ MORE

Study Finds Reminiscing Can Improve Health

The next time you run into a Briton who won't stop talking about how great England used to be, blame Exeter University. Re… READ MORE

Britons Urged To Stop Sharing Beds With Partners

Dr. Neil Stanley, British sleep expert is demanding that couples stop sharing a bed because he believes it is detrimental … READ MORE

It's About Time: Spotted Dick Renamed

Spotted Dick, the English delicacy with the most unappetizing name in the history of food, has been renamed Spotted Richar… READ MORE

The Evil Empire Enslaved The Globe Just So This Pilot Can Drink Tea While Doing Aerial Loops

Great news, China and India! All your devastating years of slavery at the hand of the British Empire to satiate their addi… READ MORE

Oh Bloody 'ell: 100 Most Annoying Things According To Britons

A newly-released poll reveals the 100 things Britons find most annoying. Unsurprisingly, the list reaffirms our suspicion … READ MORE

For England, The Future Has Arrived: The Unsinkable Tea Biscuit

Here in the States, we marvel at the possibilities the future holds: flying cars, teleportation gates, faster-than-light t… READ MORE