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MI6 Agent Sells Camera On Ebay Containing Confidential Photos

When a 28-year-old man downloaded his holiday pictures to his computer, he discovered pictures of rocket launchers and mis… READ MORE

Brits Blind Pilots With Laser Pointers

A new trend has caught on with British travelers. Pilots have reported hundreds of incidents where they have been blinded … READ MORE

Farmers Outraged By Lamb-Eating Sea Eagles

Chalk it up to the Empire to introduce a population lamb-eating sea eagles to a sheep-farming town. The Scottish Crofting … READ MORE

British Journalism Sinks To New Low

This is the kind of rubbish the Brits take seriously. We guess that you have to entertain drunkards one way or another, bu… READ MORE

Another George Michael Bathroom Arrest

Sad how George Michael has had more public toilet arrests than new albums in the past decade. Police apprehended Michael a… READ MORE

Contractors Wreck Wrong Home

Say you're vacationing, getting some much needed R&R, only to return home and find it completely gutted. Your kitchen is g… READ MORE

Drunken Teenagers Pummel Man "Beyond Recognition"

When Gareth Avery, 48, saw a 16-year-old boy urinating on a car, he told him to stop. The boy, drunk off vodka and cider, … READ MORE

Eastern Europeans Duped By Olympic Scam

Looking for a job at the 2012 London Olympics? East Londoner Nigel Lewis will give you a fake one. BBC News reported that … READ MORE

Collapse of British Airline Leaves Thousands Stranded

Britain's third largest package holiday group, XL, has gone out of business, leaving roughly 90,000 vacationers without a… READ MORE

Britain's Beer Drinking Academy

The BBC has posted a video report about a man who runs a beer drinking seminar. One would imagine that after all the repor… READ MORE

Youtube Comments- England: Evil Empire- The Evil Empire

adamswampy Am I the only one that finds it ironic that this bullshit is narrated by an American, bearing in mind what th… READ MORE

Letter to the ICBR: Faulty Logic

dear british, i stumbled on your website recently and read with interest. i am a fairly average briti… READ MORE

Noel Gallagher Shoved Onstage

Noel Gallagher of Oasis was shoved onstage by an angry fan while performing "Morning Glory" recently in Toronto.… READ MORE

British Debauchery Reaches Limelight

How can the world love you if you don't love thyself, England? When are you going to take a hard look at yourself and acce… READ MORE

Letter to the ICBR: American Idiot

The author of this book is a complete idiot. Reading parts of his book i feel like he is a complete prick, i would like … READ MORE

Scotland To England: I'm Leaving You

Seems like the venerable Steven A. Grasse has inspired our proud, kilt-wearing friends over in the great country of Scotla… READ MORE

Letter to the ICBR: Seriously?

Dear Grasse, The hippocracy and ignorance in your book and your reparations campaign is amazing. Although I could pick ou… READ MORE