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BBC: British Bullshit Communications

Philadelphia, PA – September 28, 2007 British broadcasting companies have recently found themselves fighting for th… READ MORE

Live Journal Post

A Mr. Steven Grasse published a bestseller recently entitled '101 Ways in which Britain has ruined the world.' As you c… READ MORE

It’s Called American Express for a Reason

Philadelphia, PA – September 27, 2007 In scenes reminiscent of Depression-era America last week, customers mobbed Nort… READ MORE

Sinéad O'Connor's Two Decades of Suicidal Tendancies Recently Linked to Bipolar Disorder

Philadelphia, PA – September 25, 2007 It’s true; Sinéad O’Connor is bipolar. The Irish pop star (Republic of Ireland, … READ MORE

Dear Geoffrey Wheatcroft, You Suck. Love (Psych), ICBR

Philadelphia, PA – September 20, 2007 British author/columnist/ungrateful-prick Geoffrey Wheatcroft made an impassione… READ MORE

Heifer Mills Says "Moove!" to New Neighbors

Philadelphia, PA – September 12, 2007 Heather Mills, estranged wife of Sir Paul McCartney, is pretty happy with her n… READ MORE

Britons Embrace Global Warming With Open Arms and Carry- On Baggage

Philadelphia, PA – September 10, 2007 It was way back in 1848 when naturalists in England started noticing a peculiar c… READ MORE

Ridiculous Facial Hair Contest Poses Potential Public Health Risk

Philadelphia, PA – September 6, 2007 The First of September marked the start of the World Beard and Moustache Champion… READ MORE

England Perpetuates Its European Dominance Through Linguistic Tyranny

Philadelphia, PA – September 5, 2007 Surprise. England is still trying to maintain superiority over the rest of Europe… READ MORE