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Newsweek Reads The Evil Empire, Asks: Did Britain Wreck The World?

Leafing through the latest edition of Newsweek, we were thoroughly delighted to come across a tremendous article titled &q… READ MORE

Briton Can't Handle Sexually-Suggestive Candy Packaging

Take a look at the candy packaging above. Notice anything inappropriate? Sure you do, it looks like anthropomorphic fruits… READ MORE

Traveling To England? Look Out For Deranged Alpacas

In what has been named a UK first, a farmer was bitten by an alpaca. Flying in the face of his species' famously docile te… READ MORE

UPDATE: Fat Family Getting Reality Show

Remember that fat family that demanded more disability money because they were still hungry that we covered in March? Well… READ MORE

Tourism Agency Creates England-Scented Perfume, Smells Like High Tide And Exhaust Fumes

By George! is a new perfume created by the tourism agency, VisitEngland, that is said to smell like the essence of England… READ MORE

Briton Blames Women For Developing Cleaning Obsession After Cornea Transplant

Suffering from Fuchs Dystrophy, an eye disease that deteriorates vision, Will Palmer, 46, received a cornea transplant to … READ MORE

Don't Blink, Short Heatwave Signals Beginning And End Of English Summer

Britons around England are filling pitchers with iced Earl Grey and tossing some mouth-watering blood sausages on the gril… READ MORE

David Beckham Is One Violent Man

David Beckham may present himself as a gentle, suave man, but we here at the ICBR know better. Not too long ago we covered… READ MORE

Police Chief Fights Crime By Delivering Birthday Cakes To Criminals

If you're a poor and starving Briton, you may want to consider holding up a bank or three. Don't worry if you get caught, … READ MORE

Nurses Call Police After Rapists Break Into Their Home, Police: We'll Be There In Four Hours, Ma'am

Two nurses, aged 19 and 22, had to wait four hours for police to respond to their emergency call after a couple of men bro… READ MORE

Motorists Spooked By Lifelike Child Dolls Aimed At Slowing Them Down

Mannequins resembling children have popped up around school zones causing a mass freak out amongst British motorists. The … READ MORE

British Gangs Adopt New Weapon—Pythons

When you think of a thug, you likely picture him/her wielding a gun (or at the very least a switchblade). The thing with g… READ MORE

Evil Empire On Dirty Stinking Liberals

Check out a confused Briton discussing The Evil Empire on Dirty Stinking Liberals. Notice how the incompetent author, Dean… READ MORE

Further Proof Of Britain's Cannibalistic Past

We've covered Britain's dark and taboo ancestry in The Evil Empire, so this breaking news isn't much "news" to u… READ MORE

Fancy Some Urine Pudding?

A meals-on-wheels program delivered this delicious English delicacy to a hungry 76-year-old named Phyllis Nicoll who likel… READ MORE

Britain Bans Combat Helicopters From Combat

The British Royal Air Force (RAF) was set to unleash a fleet of six Merlin combat helicopters in Afghanistan ("was&qu… READ MORE

Briton Sets World Record For Biggest Bubble

Englishman Sam Heath, better known as Samsam Bubbleman, has set a new Guinness Record for the world's biggest bubble. Achi… READ MORE

Least Surprising News Of The Day: Haggis Originated In England

For all of English cuisine's grotesqueness, the one positive thing one could say about it is that at least they're not res… READ MORE