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They Tried To Make Her Go To Rehab But She Said “No, No, No”

British singer Amy Winehouse is back to the ‘ole booze and blow grind and this time it’s for real. At least, more for real… READ MORE

Mayor of London Validates International Coalition for British Reparations Movement

Philadelphia, PA - August 29, 2007 In a public speech last week, London’s Mayor Ken Livingstone bolstered support for t… READ MORE

Briefing: Smitten with Britain. Why We Love UK Tabloid Royalty and Why They Love Us Back

It's not surprising that the 20th Century British aristocracy, threatened by an increasingly powerful middle class, felt i… READ MORE

Dwarf's Penis Stuck to Vacuum Cleaner

Ok. I was planning on discussing London's own Big Ben going under the knife last week but a news story was brought to my a… READ MORE

Potter's Success Isn't Helping Other Authors

There are some pretty spectacular authors out there. Homer was all right and I'm particularly partial to Salinger and Dost… READ MORE

How an Empire Ended: Forgotten Wars

"Why should it be assumed that only a few Great Powers can be entrusted with backward peoples? Why should not one or … READ MORE

Mayor: Heathrow Shames London

Wow. You guys just can't get transport right can you? Not only do you drive on the wrong side of the road, you also manage… READ MORE

It's British for 'War'

Please come back Tony Blair. We can respect that Gordon Brown has been waiting in the proverbial wings of your government … READ MORE

British Airways Fined $546 Million for Collusion

They're still trying to screw us colonists after 200 some odd years. As reported in an August 2nd Philadelphia Inquirer ar… READ MORE

"Winston?! I Don't Know Any Winstons!?"

Philadelphia, PA – According to the July 22nd edition of the Philadelphia Inquirer, the Sun has reported that Sir Winston … READ MORE

The Sting of Servitude

Philadelphia, PA – According to the July 18th edition of the Philadelphia Inquirer British singer Sting owes his former ch… READ MORE

The Evil Empire: 101 Ways That England Ruined the World

Rather than still his snarkiness by merely designing ads - Steven Grasse runs the Gyro agency out of Philadelphia - direct… READ MORE