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Psychologists Desperate To Cheer Up Depressed England

Britons are in such a bleak mood these days, that psychologists at the University of Hertfordshire are desperately develop… READ MORE

Woman Who's Had 13 Babies Taken Away By Social Services Pregnant Again

Theresa Winters, 36, has given birth a whopping 13 times. Even more astonishing is that social services has taken all of t… READ MORE

Dumb Britons Injure Themselves In The Darndest Ways

A study carried out by research firm, Mobigel Paineze Spray, has found that half of the adult British population has suffe… READ MORE

Men Break Into Liquor Store, Police Find Them Inside Passed Out Drunk

Keith Cullen, 33, and Paul Wiggins, 45, had quite an adventure the other night. The pair broke into a liquor store, loaded… READ MORE

Neighbors Paid To Spy On Each Other...What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

Not satisfied with merely spying on everyone's outdoor activities with CCTVs, the Waltham Forest Council in North London i… READ MORE

One In Three British Men Under 40 Still Live With Parents

Add Momma's Boy to the already long list of names you can call a Briton. A new study has revealed that one in three Britis… READ MORE

Students Forced To Wear Clip-On Ties For Fear Of Strangulation

Students at a high school in Cantley, Doncaster have been banned from wearing traditional ties in favor of clip-ons becaus… READ MORE

Briton Takes Credit For Neil Armstrong's Famous Words

With the world celebrating the 40th anniversary of America's moon landing, England is feeling pretty inadequate these days… READ MORE

England Celebrates Children By Throwing A Big Kid-Friendly Festival

Amid the economic crisis, England has had to make a heap of cutbacks. Children have been hit hard by these cutbacks as sch… READ MORE

LA To Beckham: Go Home, Fraud

After five months in Italy, David Beckham made his return to the LA Galaxy. Beckham, who's spent his time in LA complainin… READ MORE

Police Raid Birthday Party Because It Was Advertised On Facebook

If you're hosting a barbecue on your 30th birthday, you wouldn't want it to be spoiled by afternoon rain. And it goes with… READ MORE

England Stinks...Literally

A mysterious and wretched odor, described as a mix of raw sewage and rotten fish, has left residents of a Hampshire town g… READ MORE

Daniel Radcliffe Admits "Gay Rumors Are Awesome"

On the day that the new Harry Potter film, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, is to be released worldwide, the film's… READ MORE

The Best Headline You Will Read In A British Newspaper Today

File this one under "so good, you can't make it up." While skimming the Telegraph this morn, we came across this… READ MORE

YouTube Comments- England: Evil Empire- BBC Radio Debate Part II

Hamdaman101 If New Zealand has no native then why is the Haka still performed by the Maori's? In Canada why are there st… READ MORE

MPs Liken Gordon Brown To Mob Boss

Gordon Brown's dark disposition scares female MPs and they have warned him to stop acting like a mob boss or face mutiny. … READ MORE

YouTube Comments- England: Evil Empire- More Letters from Angry Brits

apincle Uh huh. I really wouldn't be too quick to spend reparations you think you're getting from Great Britain, at leas… READ MORE

Weatherperson Needed For 2012 Olympics

Olympic organizers are looking to hire meteorologists to create detailed reports on micro-climates around all Olympic venu… READ MORE

Has The Evil Empire Begun Paying Reparations?

That's the question we here at the ICBR were left pondering after hearing about a drunk Briton who handed out £45,000 to r… READ MORE

YouTube Comments- England: Evil Empire- Oppressed Nation

Taramriel You sound and from what I see from your channel, are an angry little man who spends his time ignoring the fact… READ MORE

England Seeks Witch

Wookey Hole Caves, a tourist attraction near Wells, Somerset is desperately looking to hire a witch to live in their cave.… READ MORE

YouTube Comments- England: Evil Empire- The Hard Truths

lewisUK9393 You ask any Indian and he'll tell you he wishes that india was still under british rule, they had education s… READ MORE

King Richard II Enjoyed Tuna-Safe Dolphin

"The Forme of Cury," a cookbook compiled by King Richard II's chef has been digitalized and uploaded to the web.… READ MORE

YouTube Comments- England: Evil Empire- Typical Englishman

apincle Don't it just boil your piss the the world speaks OUR language?? , that the British Empire was the largest ever … READ MORE

Customers Force Beer Festival To End A Day Early After Drinking All The Beer

If you think our assessment of the British—that they're a bunch of unprincipled, pathetic halfwits incapable of passing te… READ MORE

YouTube Comments- England: Evil Empire- Upper Class Toffs

sherrinasherrina Totally agree but i do think the British ought to be claiming something from the Romans. After all what … READ MORE

Briton Turns Wikipedia Into Book

A Briton by the name of Rob Matthews decided to print out every Wikipedia article and bind the pages into a book. At 5,000… READ MORE