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Letter to the ICBR: Labor Party Speaks Out

Evil Empire UK, Hi, well done lads. Good news, see; We don't need land ownershi… READ MORE

British Government Places Ban on Cultured Living

Philadelphia, PA —- June 26, 2008 In yet another move that further debases British cultural values, the British govern… READ MORE

London Runs World's Largest De Facto Homeless Shelter

Philadelphia, PA —- June 20, 2008 Despite England’s best efforts to ease the strain on the world’s busiest internation… READ MORE

Youtube Comments- England: Evil Empire- ICBR takes root in US

chufuss He is correct the English are not a race they are an ethnic group,a cultural group.Arabs,Europeans,and Asian Ind… READ MORE

Youtube Comments- England: Evil Empire- Richard and Judy

LimeyfruitNo3 wiebl1932 ,all your comments are dignified and honourable Sir ,ElbeRiver is a fellow German and a decent o… READ MORE

Letter to the ICBR: Evil Empire

Dear Steve, Nice book this - - have you sent copies to Niall Ferguson? I nearly mistook you… READ MORE

Royal Navy Kills 26 Dolphins, Lies About It

Philadelphia, PA —- June 11, 2008 The British Royal Navy admitted today that it had been conducting operations off the… READ MORE

Top British Cop Reveals He Knows Nothing of UK Drug Laws

Philadelphia, PA —- June 9, 2008 The Metropolitan Police Service was further embarrassed by incompetence on the part o… READ MORE