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YouTube Comments- England: Evil Empire- BBC Drivetime Interview

malx1975 If we are so guilty then why don't all the black, white and hispanic Americans up and leave and give everything… READ MORE

Squirrel Quickly Becoming England's Biggest Delicacy

What started as an initiative to save the red squirrel from extinction, has turned into a lucrative culinary business for … READ MORE

Brits Hate Being Sold Yogurt Spelled The American Way

In England, yogurt is traditionally spelled "yoghurt." That extra "h" is there to highlight just how m… READ MORE

YouTube Comments- England: Evil Empire- BBC Miami Dolphins Debate

Independence4Britain It appears to me as though Mister Grasse is the real "poor young, disadvantaged man". … READ MORE

UK Clothing Chain "Accidentally" Sells Hitler Boxers

Next, a British clothing chain, has been caught selling boxers bearing an image of Adolf Hitler saluting planes flying ove… READ MORE

Brits Arrested In Greece For Dressing Like Nuns And Mooning Locals

If you're walking around Crete and a man dressed as a nun exposes himself to you, it can only mean one thing: The Brits ar… READ MORE

Cloud Resembling Great Britain Makes Front Page News

The idea of a cloud resembling something else is nothing new. At one time or another, we've all looked up at the heavens a… READ MORE

Crazy Briton Drives Rolls-Royce Into Supermarket Over Mattress Dispute

If you're ever at a Tesco supermarket in England, watch out for angry men in Rolls-Royces driving through windows. Robe… READ MORE

Fraud Bear Grylls Named Chief Boy Scout

The Young Fascist Club of Britain (aka the Boy Scouts) has found itself a new Head Drill Master. At 34 years of age, he is… READ MORE

Mother With No Sense Of Humor Wants Optician Fired

A 19-year-old mother is furious at an optician after he fudged up her two-year-old's prescription. The optician, who works… READ MORE

Amy Winehouse Tries To Prove She's All Better Now, Fails Miserably

It was billed as her comeback performance. After months of relaxing on the beaches of St. Lucia, the controversial singer … READ MORE

British Man Gives Birth

British men do a lot of strange things: Take tea breaks, find British women attractive, make horses their drinking buddies… READ MORE

Instructions For Gordon Brown's Makeup Application Left In Taxi

Here's a little story that'll lighten your mood. One of Gordon Brown's junior aides accidentally left a briefcase with sen… READ MORE

VIDEO: Pizza Box Confounds Brit

There's nothing too surprising about a man calling to complain that he's been sold a pizza without toppings. As he says in… READ MORE

MPs' Scandalous Expenses Revealed

The Daily Telegraph has released a damming report revealing how Gordon Brown and his 13 ministers abused the parliamentary… READ MORE

Daniel Radcliffe Said To Be Seeing A Drag Queen

Seems like Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe has made a curious new friend recently. The Sun reports that he has been spe… READ MORE

Prince Charles Peddles Vanity Project On MySpace

Prince Charles really loves rainforests. He loves them so much, he gathered up some A-list friends (Daniel Craig, Harrison… READ MORE

Giant Nurse, Batman, Elvis, and Gnome Run London Marathon

The 2009 London Marathon was held a few weeks ago, which, randomly enough, is just an excuse for British men to dress like… READ MORE

Cambodia Takes It Upon Itself To Collect Reparations

Cambodians may have jumped the gun collecting reparations. Apparently, our negotiations have been progressing much too slo… READ MORE

Major News Development Sends Shockwaves Through England

There's a major development coming out of England today. Newspapers with headlines like "Dirty Hairy" and "… READ MORE