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VIDEO: The Origin Of Slavery According To The Brits

Ask any Brit about slavery and he'll mutter something to the effect of, "bloody despicable Americans." They'll n… READ MORE

British White Supremacists Hate On The ICBR

We recently found ourselves the subject of a serious bashing on Stormfront, an online forum where British white supremacis… READ MORE

No Wonder Brits Don't Go To The Dentist!

It's never made sense to us why Britons have such awful tooth hygiene. For a developed country, their teeth surely don't l… READ MORE

Juror On Sex Trial Commits Sex Crime During Lunch Break

While serving as a juror on a sexual assault case, Alan Edwards went out and did something stupid during his lunch break: … READ MORE

Brits Don't Know Difference Between Fabric Softener And Milk, Premature Baby Almost Dies

A nurse at Luton and Dunstable Hospital in Bedfordshire nearly killed a premature baby after she fed him a bottle filled w… READ MORE

British Prudery Still Alive And Kicking

They may allow their women to bare more skin nowadays, but make no mistake about it, Britain's Victorian code is alive and… READ MORE

England Just Got Uglier: Beer Goggle Myth Debunked

Perplexed as to how anyone in their right (or inebriated) mind would willingly sleep with an English woman, a team of rese… READ MORE

"Royal Throne" Auctioned On eBay

If Princess Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall uses your toilet, what would you do? Well, if you're Chris Azerkane, you auction … READ MORE

Top 10 English Dishes

Warning: This article is not for the weak of stomach! Times Online has an article covering the ten best English meals.… READ MORE

Man Jailed For Spraying Urine In Supermarkets

Sahnoun Daifallah, an Algerian-born chemist was sentenced to nine years in jail for spraying a mixture of urine and feces … READ MORE

Gordon Brown Caught In Middle of Smear Campaign

Major controversy has hit 10 Downing Street as Gordon Brown's most trusted aide (and spin doctor), Damian McBride, resigne… READ MORE

Even The Camels Are Drunk In England

Joe Fossett had a problem: His stable of racing camels just didn't care much for racing. Clueless as to why they wouldn… READ MORE

Harry Potter Star Arrested For Weed Farm

Looks like someone's been doing some extracurricular activities at Hogwarts. Jamie Waylett, who plays bully Vincent Cra… READ MORE

Winehouse Back On Vacation, Goes Streaking

Barely a month has passed since she was last there, but Amy Winehouse has gone back to St. Lucia for some R&R, and already… READ MORE

Employment Agency Holds Embarrassing Easter Egg Hunt For Unemployed Britons

JobCentre, an English employment agency, has a great idea for helping out the unemployed—to hold an egg hunt for job appli… READ MORE

VIDEO: Queen Annoyed At Loud Italian PM

Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi will have to keep a close eye on his head after irritating Her Majesty during a G… READ MORE

Teen Paints 60ft Penis On Parents' Roof, Blames Google

18-year-old Rory McInnes was watching a documentary about Google Earth one day and thought it would be great to make his h… READ MORE

Pregnant Woman Thrown Out Of Pub For Drinking Beer, Doesn't Understand Why

Caroline Williams, 26, says she was outraged when she was asked to leave a local pub after management caught her sipping a… READ MORE