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England Celebrates Imperialistic History of Their Evil Little Empire

Philadelphia, PA Last Wednesday saw Englishmen around England raise their pint glasses in honor of St. Georges Day, t… READ MORE

Youtube Comments- England: Evil Empire- BBC Radio 5 Interview

KingNordy Yup the guy's anidiot your better off not watching his videos. Zzzhuan Steven Grasse, you are the most idio… READ MORE

Town of Cumbrian In Midst of Wheelie Bin Row

Philadelphia, PA As reported this morning by BBC News, Gareth Corkhill was fined a few weeks ago for overfilling his … READ MORE

Youtube Comments- England: Evil Empire- Upper Class Toffs

WhiskeyyWoman Facts? Bitch, please all your "facts" are too influences by your own ideas. WhiskeyyWoman T… READ MORE

Harry Potter Star Casts Party Spell On Self

Philadelphia, PA —- April 21, 2008 Boy-wizard Daniel Radcliffe is turning into boy-party-animal according to a source … READ MORE

British Mole Man Ordered to Cease and Desist Tunnel Digging

75-year-old William Lytlle of Kackney has been told he must stop his underground excavation project immediately. For over … READ MORE

After 13 Years, Cookie Crumbles In Favor of Marks & Spencer

Yesterday, the European Court of Justice brought some closure to a longstanding debate in Britain: are Marks & Spencer cho… READ MORE

Letter To The ICBR: The Evil Empire Book

Hello, I take offence at your book, and would like to point out that the so-called "atrocities" you list are… READ MORE

Hear Ye, Hear Ye Silly Brit: Drinking Partner Wanted

The BBC recently ran a story online about a certain Michael Hammond. Michael recently moved his 88-year-old father, Jack, … READ MORE

British Spending On Credit Fail To Realize Money Isn't Free

Philadelphia, PA “It was so easy to get the loans and the credit that you almost think the goods are a gift from the s… READ MORE