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VIDEO: Tory To Gordon Brown: "You Are The Devalued Prime Minister Of A Devalued Government"

Representing South East England, Tory Daniel Hannan had some scathing words for Prime Minister Gordon Brown at the Europea… READ MORE

FOLLOW UP: 13-Year-Old Alfie Is Not The Father, DNA Test Shows

Last month, we reported that England had welcomed its youngest dad, Alfie Patten, who was said to have impregnated his 14-… READ MORE

YOUTUBE VIDEO: England Face Paints

Typical British soccer fans get ready for the big match—and possibly some hooliganism after. Hey, England, proud of ya! READ MORE

Chihuahua Saves Dwarf

It was a rescue of microscopic proportions. Beverley Burkitt, standing at 3ft. 8in. tall, went out for a walk in the w… READ MORE

Painting Thought To Be First Portrait Of Shakespeare Is Actually Of Another Writer

England has been abuzz this March after a portrait thought to be the only one painted while the bard was still alive was u… READ MORE

65 Years On, England Still Not Doing Their D-Day Share

This June will mark the 65th anniversary of the D-Day invasion. We all know just how crucial that day was, as its success … READ MORE

UK Will Be The Only Major Economy Still Slumping Next Year

The International Monetary Fund had bleak news for Britons, as it revealed that the UK's financial woes were much worse th… READ MORE

Obese British Family Collecting Disability Benefits Demand More Money Because They're Still Hungry

The family of four, weighing in at a combined 1160 pounds, collect $31,000 a year in benefits because they claim they're t… READ MORE

YOUTUBE VIDEO: America Rules England Sucks

We happened upon this video while surfing YouTube the other day. It's very much in line with the work we've produced ourse… READ MORE

Town Spends £6,000 On Navigation Systems For Lawnmowers

The Leicestershire County Council has announced that they have spent £6,000 of taxpayer money outfitting lawnmowers with s… READ MORE

LaRouche Declares War On The British Empire

Controversial politician Lyndon LaRouche has declared war against Britain for their attacks and attempts to control Presid… READ MORE

Popular British Restaurant Closed As Hundreds Of Diners Become Mysteriously Ill

The Fat Duck, a popular and celebrated restaurant in Bray, Berkshire has been forced to shut its doors after nearly 400 d… READ MORE

Beautiful Rare White Deer Spotted, Hunters Race To Kill It

Hunters around Britain are abuzz with news that a rare white roebuck has been spotted in nearby grasslands. The sighting h… READ MORE

Health And Safety Concerns Keep Teachers From Chasing Runaway Students

In what is being called a "safe handling policy," teachers at a school in England have been prohibited from chas… READ MORE

Amy Winehouse Harassess Passengers On Flight Back From Vacation

Amy Winehouse caused quite a stir on her flight back to England from her two-month Caribbean vacation yesterday. Passenger… READ MORE

Alcohol-Related Violent Crimes On The Rise Amongst Teenage Girls

Every day, an average of 63 teenage girls are arrested for assault in England. Last year, 58,500 girls were taken to court… READ MORE