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Psych! UK's Ministry of Defense Announces Prince Harry Has Been Fighting In Afghanistan Since December

Philadelphia, PA The ICBR was overjoyed this afternoon upon discovering that, contrary to official statements, Prince… READ MORE

British Bank Barclays Embroils Jay-Z In Slave Reparations Lawsuit

Philadelphia, PA Barclays PLC, one of the globes major financial service providers, is finally getting its due. The B… READ MORE

Pot Calls The Kettle Black: Rolling Stones Comments On Others Drug Use

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Teenage Binge Drinking In Britain Reaches 'Epidemic Proportions'

Philadelphia, PA As reported by the BBC this morning, a British police chief made an impassioned plea for Britain to … READ MORE

British Economy Suffers At Hands of Global Credit Crunch

Philadelphia, PA It appears that the United Kingdomís recent claims of flourishing economic growth suffer from artifi… READ MORE

Oxford Economics Claim British GDP Surpasses U.S. Standard of Living

Philadelphia, PA British financial consultants Oxford Economics issued a report last week stating that Britainís per … READ MORE

Letter To The ICBR: Questions

Dear Sir, I am very interested by this book and movement you have established, however I was wandering whether you coul… READ MORE

UK Schools Secretary Acts To Curb False Holocaust Education Rumor Chain Email

Philadelphia, PA Schools Secretary Ed Balls announced today that the UK would take unprecedented action to combat a fi… READ MORE