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What England Doesn’t Want You To Know About The Global Financial Crisis

Nearly one month into the new year, the global financial crisis has not alleviated. Quite the contrary, in fact, as the cr… READ MORE

Pole Dancer Performs For High School, Sees No Harm In It

When South Devon College asked Sam Remmer to do a dance routine as part of their Be Healthy Week, she gladly accepted. She… READ MORE

Footage Of Rioting Hooligans Attacking Cop Released

The shocking footage shows a mob of hooligans kicking and trampling a defenseless policeman. The cop, John Goodwin, was pa… READ MORE

YouTube Comments- England: Evil Empire-

Hamdaman101 This is poor. If history has taught us anything it is that Reparatios do not work. Germany just after WW1 fo… READ MORE

Mother Who Allowed Her Three-Year-Old To Smoke Walks Free

A judge ruled that Kelly Marie Pocock, the 24-year-old mother of three, will not serve jail time for allowing her three-ye… READ MORE

ICBR Infuriates Talk Britain Forum

Neal British Reparations These tossers need a kicking: British - The International Coalition for Br… READ MORE

MP Does Terrible Job Forging Letter From President Obama

Desperate to be recognized by her superiors, Dawn Butler, a junior government whip, presented a letter supposedly written … READ MORE

YouTube Comments- England: Evil Empire- BBC Drivetime Interview

JmeClarke I have to say well done to Steven Grasse. Even if this is serious or if it was all a big joke doing all this s… READ MORE

Czech Artist Offends Europe

To commemorate the start of its six-month presidency of the European Union, the Czech Republic government commissioned art… READ MORE

Casual Racism Runs In The Royal Family

Just a week after a video leaked showing Prince Harry calling a fellow army cadet a "Paki," the royal family has… READ MORE

British Chef Criticized For Eating Giraffe

British celebrity chef Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall has come under fire from animal welfare groups after saying that giraff… READ MORE

Boy George Jailed For Chaining And Beating A Male Escort

Boy George was sentenced to 15 months in jail for handcuffing a man and beating him with a chain. Audun Carlsen, a 29-… READ MORE

MP Claims Dyslexia Is A Myth

Graham Stringer, Labour MP for Manchester Blackley, doesn't believe in dyslexia, and is calling for a halt in its research… READ MORE

Amy Winehouse Forced To Crawl And Beg For Drinks

Amy Winehouse, on vacation at the exclusive Le Sport Spa in St. Lucia, has been told that the staff at the resort will no … READ MORE

YouTube Comments- England: Evil Empire- BBC Radio Interview 4

Pigcowgreen Rothschilds control the Fedral Reserve which is a private body and the American goverment does not control i… READ MORE

Prince Harry Filmed Making Racial Slurs

The Queen's PR people have been in full crisis-control mode this weekend apologizing after a video Prince Harry shot while… READ MORE

Teacher Suspended For Passing Out Drunk In Front Of Class

When Penny Truman, a primary school teacher, collapsed on the floor while teaching, colleagues thought she was having a st… READ MORE

YouTube Comments- England: Evil Empire- BBC Radio Debate Part II

piro6220 imperialism is not a british invention, it goes right back to the roman empire hence imperialism being a latin … READ MORE

High Prices And Poor Service Keep Tourists Away From England

England is losing out on precious tourism money due to high prices and bad service, according to a Mail Online article. No… READ MORE

England Finally Realizes "Cockshut Lane" Might Not Be The Best Name For A Street

Council members in England have decided to put an end to streets with "aesthetically unsuitable" names. So if yo… READ MORE

YouTube Comments- England: Evil Empire- BBC Radio Debate Part I

CharlieBBoy12345 This guy seriously lacks historical knowledge. Imperialism: a British phenomenon... oh, please!… READ MORE

Barack Obama Not Too Keen On The British

"Ill-dressed, pasty-faced, and racially arrogant; cramped, spotty, and joyless" — that's how Barack Obama portra… READ MORE

YouTube Comments- England: Evil Empire- Get Paid!

ukwarriorz omg i dont want 8000 whatever money. BECAUSE ITS NOT MINE ITS BRITAINS! I cant beleive your blaming britain f… READ MORE

In England, Bus Drivers Go On Strike While Driving The Bus

This screen capture was taken from the BBC News homepage this morning. Our first reaction was, "Well, there's your pr… READ MORE