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Letter To The ICBR: Evil Empire Book Etc.

At last, England's unspeakable crimes against humanity are revealed in this magnificent book. At first, I thought that mer… READ MORE

Twenty-something British Women Fall Into Abyss of Weight Gain, Slovenliness

Philadelphia, PA According to an article in The Times early last month, British women are increasingly displaying a c… READ MORE

Scottish Fight For Independence Continues

Scottish Fight For Independence Continues Philadelphia, PA —- January 25, 2008 Two more Scotsmen have martyred thems… READ MORE

Amy Winehouse Smokes Crack On Video

Enough said. READ MORE

Gordon Brown Continues Legacy of British Ludicrousness, Slaps Kenyan Officials In Face

Philadelphia, PA Well, if it wasn’t clear before, it certainly is now: Gordon Brown is a big assface. As Kenya lies … READ MORE

Roving Band of Teenage Bandits Halts Bus Services

Philadelphia, PA Stagecoach East Scotland has suspended service on three separate routes in Fife after four reports of… READ MORE

British School Implements Fingerprinting System In Cafeteria

Philadelphia, PA A school cafeteria in Essex has begun using a digital fingerprint reader to ensure they are given t… READ MORE

Letter To The ICBR: The Evil Empire

Dear sir/madam, What study have you undertaken in the former British colonies in Africa to determine the opinions of tho… READ MORE

Brit Tube Personality Indubitably Proves English Idiocy

Philadelphia, PA British television host Jeremy Clarkson has once again proved that Englishmen are daft. The presente… READ MORE

Giant Knickers Extinguish Teesside House Fire

Philadelphia, PA As reported by the BBC news service, an obese British woman’s giant underpants were used to extingui… READ MORE

Papers Reveal Britain Sold Weapons To Iraq In Attempt To Gain Oil Access

Philadelphia, PA Detailed accounts of British arms sales to Iraq in 1976 and 1977 came to light yesterday as the Nati… READ MORE