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Fraud Bear Grylls Named Chief Boy Scout

05.18.2009 - Bear Grylls appointed Chief Scout

The Young Fascist Club of Britain (aka the Boy Scouts) has found itself a new Head Drill Master. At 34 years of age, he is the youngest to ever hold the esteemed position. Who is this almighty leader who will shape the reckless youth into obedient drones? It's none other than Discovery Channel personality, and exposed fraud, Bear Grylls himself!

Mr. Grylls shot to fame with his show Man Vs. Wild, where he would be stranded in the wild and had to survive long enough to find rescue. Every episode featured different environments and different essential survival tips. His program was quite popular until it was revealed that Mr. Grylls shot all his scenes not in the middle of nowhere, as we were led to believe, but rather just a few yards from highways and parking lots. And not only that, but he spent his nights in hotels, not in the wild.

Take a look for yourself:

"He's really inspirational and I think he's going to be a great chief," said 14-year-old scout, Safa Cheema.

Of course he's an inspiration to the British. A man who becomes a millionaire putting up a facade with absolutely no substance is a god amongst British men—it's the British Dream!

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