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VIDEO: The Origin Of Slavery According To The Brits


Ask any Brit about slavery and he'll mutter something to the effect of, "bloody despicable Americans." They'll never mention how it was the British who devised the notorious Middle Passage where an estimated 4 million Africans died en route to a life of slavery. Nor will they reveal that it was the British who commoditized the African people thus starting this whole slavery thing they now blame America for.

No, they won't tell you that because the British are never at fault—or so they think. Let's just say that the word "accountable" is not in the Oxford English Dictionary.

There's no sense in pointing out to them that England traveled to Africa long before America did, because in their mind, contact between Africans and Brits went something like this:

This ridiculous video is likely part of British History curriculum. It's probably being shown in British classrooms as we speak!

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