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British White Supremacists Hate On The ICBR


We recently found ourselves the subject of a serious bashing on Stormfront, an online forum where British white supremacists gather to blame the ills of the world on everyone but themselves.

Here is what they had to say about the ICBR:

BoyHowdy:: Reparations...

Always from Caucasians/Anglo/Europeans. We should start sending bills for our contributions and rescue to every country including Israel.

British Reparations...

The new deal, Reparations!

blueearth: 31 trillion in the middle of a global depression. Once again, this shows the ignorance of the multicultural mind. The figure is preposterous even if it were a booming economic situation. Without the white race, these parasites would dry up and die.

Pure Noble BloodLine: Wow and they are dead serious...

how about all the Whites of the world start getting black's welfare checks for having to endure rap, murder, intimidation, and parasitic money sucking at the hands of the inferior black race.

But then we would only be getting our own money back, guess we would have to take it from the sports stars, rappers, actors/actresses, singers, and other worthless rich blacks.

I say every group of people sues every group of people that has treated them harshly since the dawn of time. Then everyone would come out equal and not have to pay anything.

Nightgaunt: All the damage they've done huh. You mean like giving essentially stone age civilizations basic infrastructure, electricity and clean water, farming technology, written language, modern medicine, democracy, billions if not trillions in existing foreign aid. Oh, and lets not forget about nuclear technology there China, India and Pakistan. None of these people have any reason to complain. It is through the selfless generosity of Whites that they enjoy even a moderate standard of living and have advanced hundreds of years in just decades. Seeking restitution for colonialism in spite of everything they have received as a direct result of it is patently absurd.

A comparable circumstance would be a millionaire entrepreneur who was driven to success by their abusive parents turning around and suing them for millions more upon reflection of their childhood.

Magog: I think the 3rd world should pay all of Europe repartions for the islamic invasion and the Mongol invasion of the past. so neener neener neener.

BoyGeorge69: Right boys. Its not our fault the rest of the world is so weak they let us enslave them. Who do these yanks think they are complaining about child labor. We could use a little child labor right now the way gordon brown has run down this country!

View the thread here.

As previously mentioned, forum members discuss world news. Today's hot topic regards the swine flu and whether it only affects Mexican Indians. To support their argument, they say that 89 percent of AIDS cases are of homosexuals, so obviously, a virus can target a specific demographic. It's mind boggling how someone who still thinks that AIDS is a gay disease knows how to turn on a computer, much less use the internet.

Poetry is surprisingly popular on the site. Here's an excerpt from a poem written by one of the members:

I'm a child of the New Brave World.

A world
based on White pride,
thinking critically
and an attempt to love/respect
all the things of the natural and truely spiritual kind.

My home is where each of my Dear Hearts/Fellow Whites reside.

I am of them
and they of me
and most of all
we are eternally free!

All this you cannot take away from me.

Walt Whitman, eat your heart out!

And here we thought we couldn't dislike Britons anymore than we already do.

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