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British Prudery Still Alive And Kicking

04.21.2009 - Porno gnome no-no!

They may allow their women to bare more skin nowadays, but make no mistake about it, Britain's Victorian code is alive and kicking.

Take 64-year-old Sandra Smith for example. She has displayed her collection of naked garden gnomes on her lawn for fifteen years. "My grandchildren love them. Everyone who visits me finds them funny and a bit harmless fun. They're proper cheeky chappies with their little smiley faces looking up at you," she says.

Her neighbor, who declined to be named, doesn't see things they way Ms. Smith's grandchildren do. She complained to local authorities about the saucy gnomes (seen here all covered up) because they were upsetting her children. "They’re childish and pathetic. They should not be in a garden with kids," she said.

The authorities, not wanting to upset anyone, tod Ms. Smith was told to clothe the gnomes to "preserve their modesty." Now they don miniature t-shirts, which call even more attention to their busty figures.

If such a request would have been made in America, we would have laughed and ridiculed that woman. In a progressive society like ours, it's a waste of time to humor the inane demands of the prude. Not so in England, where, having had Victorian manners and etiquette paddled to them since birth, they have no idea how to think for themselves. Their decision making never goes beyond, "Would the Queen do that?"

That pathetic neighbor is raising her children to be just like her—bitter, angry, and afraid of wood-carved nipples.

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