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"Royal Throne" Auctioned On eBay

04.17.2009 - The 'royal wee' for sale on eBay

If Princess Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall uses your toilet, what would you do? Well, if you're Chris Azerkane, you auction it off on eBay.

The pub owner and mother of three, Chris was cleaning the pub's kitchen when she noticed a series of luxury cars pulling up to the parking lot. When she saw Camilla getting out of the car, she ran to the door and opened it. Giggling, the Duchess said: "Hello, we’ve just come down from Gloucester do you think I could use your loo?"

After enjoying a few drinks, Camilla and her entourage left to attend a funeral. (That Camilla was giddily drinking before a funeral is completely normal for the British—not even death gets in the way of a good buzz.)

Chris then got the brilliant idea to sell the graced-by-royal-ass toilet seat on eBay to raise money for charity.

If this works out for her, Chris may have just found the solution to England's reparations problem. By selling cheap things that have been disgraced by high-profile figures, England could pay off its reparations without going bankrupt. For example, if you're Prince Charles' proctologist, why not auction off that used latex glove instead of tossing it into the biohazard bin! It's for your country!

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