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Top 10 English Dishes

04.16.2009 - Top 10 quintessential English foods

Warning: This article is not for the weak of stomach!

Times Online has an article covering the ten best English meals. As expected, it's a stomach-churning affair full of absurdly heavy dishes lacking any semblance of refinement. Lard and salt see heavy use, while vegetables are avoided at all costs.

Of course, black pudding makes the list. For the uninitiated, black pudding is a typical sausage, except it's filled with curdled pig blood instead of meat. The British love it so much, that a "breakfast fry up wouldn’t be the same without a glistening slice fried in bacon fat." That's right, the British don't just call it breakfast, they call it "breakfast fry." Do your arteries hurt yet?

The best dish, however, is saved for last. It's a meal that's so crude and unhealthy, that we're hard-pressed to find anything that's more quintessentially British: a block of cheddar cheese and a pint of beer. That's it, no cooking or prep work required. This is probably Gordon Brown's dinner every night.

So now that you know what those Brits eat, we'd like to show you a video of them actually eating to complete the experience. Here is a typical Englishman dining out, courtesy of Monty Python's Meaning of Life. This is not an exaggeration.

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