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Gordon Brown Caught In Middle of Smear Campaign

04.13.2009 - Vicious and vile Revealed: Shocking emails behind the secret No10 smear plot targeting Tories

Major controversy has hit 10 Downing Street as Gordon Brown's most trusted aide (and spin doctor), Damian McBride, resigned after his slanderous e-mail of top Tories was published.

The message included false claims about David Cameron's health and personal life, which has left him furious.

In the email, McBride boasts that the smear campaign "will put the fear of God" into the Tories.

Shadow home secretary, Chris Grayling, was upset at the email, claiming it showed a "structured plan" to publish lies about members of his party. "It's a sign of something absolutely rotten at the heart of Gordon Brown's Downing Street," he said.

McBride has defended himself saying that the email was never intended to be published, and was only meant as a private exchange between two friends.

Whatever the case may be, the emails found their way to the public and were published. Now, the Tories want an apology from Gordon Brown, which he is unwilling to give.

As the leader of a country known for its over-politeness, it's truly amazing how many times Gordon Brown has failed to deliver an apology. (It's also mind boggling how many times he's been asked to apologize.)

A new press officer has not been named yet, but if he or she is anywhere near as good as McBride was, Gordon Brown will still be absolutely loathed by the public.

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