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Employment Agency Holds Embarrassing Easter Egg Hunt For Unemployed Britons

04.06.2009 - Unemployed invited to take part in 'humiliating' Easter egg hunt - to win job application forms

JobCentre, an English employment agency, has a great idea for helping out the unemployed—to hold an egg hunt for job application forms.

Over 150 downtrodden Brits have been invited to the hunt, which features 35 eggs filled with prizes such as job applications and vouchers for interview clothes.

"It's going to be fun," said Catrina Lynch, who organized the event.

Unsurprisingly, job hunters are none too amused with this ridiculous egg hunt. "Most people are desperate to find work and are grateful for any help on offer. But asking us to take part in an Easter egg hunt is humiliating," said Graham Barnes, one of the unemployed who received an invitation.

Another invitee, Reg O'Donoghue, added: "Unemployment is neither a game nor much fun. To expect people to enjoy hunting for 35 eggs hidden between computers and files is more out of touch with reality than an insult. It's hard to imagine an unemployed person - weighed down with responsibilities, with a mortgage or rent to find, council tax to pay and maybe a family to feed - being full of the joys, arriving home clutching an Easter egg."

This type of humiliating event is typical of Britons, who for centuries have been forced to perform demeaning exhibitions for the amusement of kings and queens. The only difference between this egg hunt and a jester making a fool himself in front of a queen is that failure brings about not the loss of your head, but rather the loss of your home, family, hopes, dreams, sanity, etc.

For JobCentre to provide job applications instead of job interviews is absolutely ridiculous. Catrina Lynch should be fired for organizing such a badly-though-out event, she obviously has no clue how to help the unemployed.

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