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Teen Paints 60ft Penis On Parents' Roof, Blames Google

04.02.2009 - Did you see the work I did on the roof?

18-year-old Rory McInnes was watching a documentary about Google Earth one day and thought it would be great to make his house stand out from the rest in Hungerford, Berks. So he did what anyone else would do in his position: grab a bucket of white paint, climb up to the roof of his parents' 1million house, and paint a 60ft penis.

It took a whole year for someone to discover Rory's mischievous artwork. A helicopter pilot spotted it and hovered above allowing his passengers to snap photos.

When the father, Andy, was told of the gargantuan manhood painted on his roof, he couldn't believe it.

"It's an April Fool's joke, right? There's no way there's a 60ft phallus on top of my house," he said.

Inspired by young Rory's artwork, we'd like to paint a giant image spanning the whole of England, but we can't decide on what that image should be: a dunce hat, a middle finger, or Calvin peeing on England.

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