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Pregnant Woman Thrown Out Of Pub For Drinking Beer, Doesn't Understand Why

04.01.2009 - Mother-to-be is ordered out of a pub by staff concerned for health of her baby

Caroline Williams, 26, says she was outraged when she was asked to leave a local pub after management caught her sipping a friend's beer.

"I never felt so singled out and humiliated in my life," she said, adding, "I've never been ordered out of anywhere before and I'm not one to cause a scene, so we just left."

Ms. Williams, who had already downed a pint of lager before being thrown out of the pub, is five months pregnant. She says she's aware of the dangers of drinking alcohol while pregnant, but claims she didn't think she was doing any harm to her unborn child. She's upset management intervened, and thinks they had no right to do so.

"I know the management has the right to refuse service but the assistant manageress was using that right to impose her opinions about what pregnant women should and shouldn't be consuming," she said.

It is recommended that pregnant women avoid the consumption of alcohol altogether, as it could lead to the development of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS), which causes mental retardation and several other birth defects. (No word yet on what Gordon Brown's mother drank while pregnant, but it is speculated that large quantities of absinthe were involved.)

Leave it to the Brits to cry foul when refused alcohol service while pregnant. Ms. Williams, you are going to be a wonderful mother, we can already tell. Your maternal instincts are top-notch.

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