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A Classic Case Of British Stupidity

02.25.2009 - I burnt £1k pub dough in oven

At the end of his shift, bartender Luke Woolston was asked by his boss, Martin Talbot, to cash up and hide the takings in a safe place. Naturally (for a Brit, anyway), Luke stuck the whole till ó with £1,000 in bills ó in the oven, which was turned on.

Later in the evening when Mr. Talbot went looking for the till, he texted Luke asking about its whereabouts. Luke casually responded that he'd stuck it in the oven. Mr. Talbot laughed until he smelled burning and realized his moronic bartender wasn't joking.

"I didnít know whether to laugh or cry," said Mr. Talbot. Apparently, he chose the former because he let young Luke keep his job. "The humiliation was punishment enough," he said.

Seriously, Mr. Talbot? You're going to let this slide because the kid feels ashamed? Knowing how much you Brits love a good whipping, we'd have thought the punishment to be a bit harsher. How about challenging the boy to a game of hide and seek. We'd LOVE to see what great hiding spot he'd end up in.

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