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Museum Auctioning Off Its Collection

02.24.2009 - Museum of Victoriana up for sale

The British Museum should pay close attention to The Shambles museum in Newent, Gloucestershire, as they have announced that they will be auctioning off their large collection of Victorian artifacts.

We have been clear about our feelings toward Britain's museums. They are nothing but a collection of stolen treasures showcasing England's pillages and cultural rapes, and they need to go.

To that end, we have suggested that the British Museum sell its collections as a way to come up with reparation money. We feel this is a sensible plan, as England would not only come up with a large sum of reparation money, but they would also cleanse themselves of these stolen goods.

So, British Museum, how about you make like The Shambles museum and auction off your collection. With over seven million artifacts, we're certain this would be a great first step toward your reparation payments.

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