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Racist Prince Harry Forced To Take Equality Course

02.12.2009 - Reports: Prince Harry to attend equality course

Prince Harry has found himself in trouble yet again for making a racist remark. Having already offended Jews, Pakistanis, and Muslims, this time the Mr. third-in-line to the throne has put down the black community.

Stephen K. Amos, a black comedian, met Prince Harry after performing at Prince Charles' 60th birthday party. Amos says that Harry went up to him and told him that he "did not sound like a black chap." Amos has disregarded the remark as a bad attempt at small talk.

Well, now Prince Harry is being shipped off to a "equality and diversity" course by the British army. This will be the prince's second time taking the course. Charles Heyman, a defense analyst and former British army officer, said that the course is designed to teach soldiers "that the world is a bit different than they might think, and that it's good manners to treat people the way they would like to be treated themselves." Apparently that lesson was a bit confusing for Prince Harry.

Maybe the prince will miraculously learn to not be a racist bastard, but with his track record, we wouldn't bet on it.

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