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Gordon Brown Admits Economic Depression

02.04.2009 - The man who 'saved the world' now says it's heading for a 'depression' in a new foot-in-mouth moment

Speaking at the House of Commons earlier today, Gordon Brown admitted that the world is now in a depression. The Prime Minister said that governments needed to borrow and spend to "take the world out of depression."

The comment was later diffused as a spokesman said it was a mere slip of the tongue, and Brown had actually meant to say recession.

This isn't the first time Prime Minister Brown has had a verbal slip-up in front of the House of Commons. Just a few weeks ago, he boldly remarked that England had "saved the world," only to try to cover up the claim by insisting he meant that they'd saved the world's banks.

Statistical figures indicate that England is in its worst recession since 1980, and sinking. Brown's words have Britons concerned.

"The prime minister must personally and urgently clarify whether his statement today that the world is in 'depression' was a slip of the tongue, or whether he knows something that we don't know," said shadow chancellor George Osborne.

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