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A Third Of 2012 Olympic Jobs Going To Foreigners

02.03.2009 - Revealed: One in three workers at 2012 Olympics site is foreign as chiefs advertise in Australia

A big part of England's plan to stimulate their economy lies in the 2012 Olympics. Quite a bit of construction is to be done to prepare the city for the games, which has created plenty of local jobs for skilled workers, or as Gordon Brown put it, "British jobs for British workers."

So if these jobs really are intended only for the British, why are they being advertised in Australia? And why is it that one third of them are going to foreigners? Those are the shocking numbers that the Daily Mail has reported, which have left British construction workers wondering if it's even worthwhile to look for jobs in the UK.

Frustration over Gordon Brown is growing, not only for his aforementioned local jobs for local workers quip, but also because he hailed the Olympics as an important "job creator and growth generator."

Shadow Immigration Minister, Damian Green said: "It seems extraordinary that when British construction workers can't find jobs we are making efforts to bring foreign workers from halfway around the world," adding, "This is another sign that Gordon Brown's British jobs for British workers was a meaningless sound-bite."

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