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Pole Dancer Performs For High School, Sees No Harm In It

01.29.2009 - College in pole dancing show row

When South Devon College asked Sam Remmer to do a dance routine as part of their Be Healthy Week, she gladly accepted. She even did it for free under the condition that she be allowed to videotape the performance and post it on her website.

So when the auditorium filled with around 1,000 14-year-old boys, Mrs. Remmer stepped up to the stage and did her routine. She was flattered noticing that the boys were videotaping her throughout the show. The teachers, however, were not quite as thrilled as the attending boys. You see, Mrs. Remmer is a pole dancing instructor at a dance school, something the college probably should have researched before inviting her to perform. And pole dance is exactly what she did in front of those teenage boys.

For the rest of that day, much to the teachers' chagrin, students were more interested in trading pictures and photographs than they were in their classes.

The school asked Mrs. Remmer to remove the videos from her website, which she angrily agreed to.

"Pole dancing is appropriate for young teenagers at school," she said, adding, "If anything my classes empower women and therefore encourage them to be in control of their bodies."

Perhaps those eight thousand 16-year-old pregnant girls in England just needed a good pole dancing instructor to teach them to respect their bodies.

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