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Footage Of Rioting Hooligans Attacking Cop Released

01.28.2009 - Footage of Rangers hooligans' UEFA Cup attack released

The shocking footage shows a mob of hooligans kicking and trampling a defenseless policeman. The cop, John Goodwin, was part of a riot defense group that was called in to quell the violence that had broken out in Picadilly, central Manchester. With such a massive crowd of rioters, Mr. Goodwin lost his group, and that's when things got real bad for the officer.

This is Mr. Goodwin's recounting of the events:

"And as the crowd surged, somehow I ended up being isolated from everybody else. I remember seeing somebody coming at me with a police baton, which they must have picked up, and striking at me.

"And from that point then I ended up being on the floor.

"It was just like a wave of people that covered me and I ended up on the floor. I remember as soon as I got to the floor I was being kicked and stamped on and all sorts.

"But I remember gripping hold of my chin strap because they were trying to pull my helmet off and I knew that if it had come off that would of been it, that would have been the end of me.

"I ended up with a brain injury, swelling on the brain.

"I had massive headaches, short-tempered, all those sorts of things. My family have seen the footage. My wife and two daughters took it quite badly.

"If that helmet had come off, I don't think I'd have been here today."

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