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MP Does Terrible Job Forging Letter From President Obama

01.22.2009 - Did Barack Obama really write about Labour MP Dawn Butler?

Desperate to be recognized by her superiors, Dawn Butler, a junior government whip, presented a letter supposedly written by Barack Obama praising her abilities.

Here's an excerpt form the letter:

"Having met Dawn Butler MP I can see why she is one of only two black women in parliament. She is bright, intelligent and determined. I say to the people of Brent you should have the audacity of hope and when someone asks you can she do it, you respond yes we can."

But the letter's legitimacy came into question when people noticed it was written on House of Commons letterhead. Also, Mr. Obama's name is repeatedly misspelled as "Barak."

Dawn Butler was probably really proud of herself for cooking up such a flawless scheme, but she forgot to take into account one thing: that she's an idiot.

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