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Casual Racism Runs In The Royal Family

01.20.2009 - Member of Princes' polo club 'affectionately' known as Sooty

Just a week after a video leaked showing Prince Harry calling a fellow army cadet a "Paki," the royal family has found itself amid another racial controversy. This time around, Charles and William are involved as well. The charges revolve an Indian-born family friend named Kolin Dhillon who is affectionately referred to as "Sooty."

To clarify, "Sooty" is a reference to soot black, impure carbon particles.

Prince Charles' office has called the reports "ridiculous" because Mr. Dhillon claims to enjoy the nickname.

Mr. Dhillon said, "The Prince of Wales is a man of zero prejudice and both his sons have always been most respectful."

How constantly pointing out that a man's skin resembles impure carbon particles can be deemed respectful, is beyond us. The casual racism displayed by the royal family is both disconcerting and antiquated.

We don't want to know what "friendly nickname" Prince Charles and his sons have for our new president.

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