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Boy George Jailed For Chaining And Beating A Male Escort

01.16.2009 - Boy George jailed for 15 months

Boy George was sentenced to 15 months in jail for handcuffing a man and beating him with a chain.

Audun Carlsen, a 29-year-old Norwegian escort, claimed that Boy George, real name George O'Dowd, and another man tackled him to the ground, pummeled him, and then chained him to a hook in the wall. When O'Dowd left the room to grab a box containing chains, sex toys, and leather straps, Carlsen managed to unscrew the hook from the wall and made his escape. O'Dowd chased after him, whipping him with a metal chain.

O'Dowd had contacted Carlsen through a gay social networking site, asking him to come to his flat for a pornographic photo shoot. The first meeting went well, but it was during the second one that things took a violent turn. O'Dowd accused Carlsen of stealing pictures from his laptop and the beating ensued.

Judge David Radford told the singer he was guilty of "gratuitous violence," adding that "He (Mr Carlsen) was denied his dignity."

Yikes! Whatever happened to the "Do You Really Want to Hurt Me" days?

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