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MP Claims Dyslexia Is A Myth


Graham Stringer, Labour MP for Manchester Blackley, doesn't believe in dyslexia, and is calling for a halt in its research. Not a shred of evidence was presented by Mr. Stringer to support his claim, just bitter remarks.

"The sooner it is consigned to the same dustbin of history, the better," he said, adding that dyslexia is "no more real than the 19th century scientific construction of 'the aether' to explain how light travels through a vacuum." He went on to talk about his desire to kill off the dyslexia "industry" with a "magic bullet."

So, if we're getting the story straight, this man is claiming that dyslexia doesn't exist, but magic bullets most certainly do. Mr. Stringer, does one require the use of a magic gun to shoot the magic bullets, or will a regular gun work just as well?

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