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Prince Harry Filmed Making Racial Slurs

01.12.2009 - Prince Harry Apologizes Over Racist Comments

The Queen's PR people have been in full crisis-control mode this weekend apologizing after a video Prince Harry shot while carrying out military exercises in Cyprus was leaked to News of the World. The footage shows Harry referring to a fellow cadet as "our little Paki friend" and later informing a headscarf-wearing cadet that he looked like a "raghead."

Prince Harry's loose tongue has enraged Muslims and Pakistanis alike.

Mohammed Shafiq, director of the Ramadan Foundation, said that Harry's language was "sickening, and he should be thoroughly ashamed of himself."

Labour Party lawmaker Khalid Mahmood, a Muslim, said Harry "needs to understand that this is not acceptable, especially in light of the office that he is going to hold in the army and as a member of the royal family."

Harry's spokesman, Patrick Harrison, apologized for the remarks, saying that when he used the term "raghead," he was referring to either Taliban or Iraqi insurgents.

Anyone shocked by Prince Harry's behavior should remember that he's an underage-drinking, marijuana-smoking, Nazi-costume-wearing kinda guy.

Watch Prince Harry's racist outbursts on video with bonus pubic hair quip toward the end.

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