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Teacher Suspended For Passing Out Drunk In Front Of Class

01.09.2009 - Teacher 'drunk' in class of kids

When Penny Truman, a primary school teacher, collapsed on the floor while teaching, colleagues thought she was having a stroke. This being England, however, it turned out Ms. Truman was just piss drunk. "She was so bad people assumed it was a stroke as you simply wouldn’t expect anyone in charge of young children in a school to be boozing," said one school source.

Pardon our skepticism, but we highly doubt any teacher in England is shocked to find out a fellow educator tipples during working hours. How else is one supposed to quiet their conscience after lying to children day after day. We all know the British history books are filled with tall tales that stretch the truth and ignore the bloodshed. It's obvious the drunk teachers have a problem with all this fibbing — as well they should. But those teachers who look directly into children's eyes and tell them these half-truths without taking a single blow to their conscience, those are the ones to watch out for. We'd keep our children away from these soulless beings.

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