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Australian Repays Debt To Brit After 39 Years

12.22.2008 - Man's 5 debt repaid 39 years on

It was 1969 when Jim Webb lent 5 to Gary Fenton, a penniless Australian traveler, in order to pay for a ferry ride from Belgium to England. At the time, Mr. Fenton said he'd repay him as soon as he was able to afford it.

Skip ahead nearly forty years and Jim Webb still had not gotten back his 5. That all changed last week when Mr. Webb came home and found a hand-delivered note containing 200. The note read: "To Jim Webb, a good man. From Gary Fenton, a tardy payer of debts." A lovely gesture, indeed, especially in these times where money is scarce.

Mr. Webb, who had apparently abandoned all hope for humanity since not being repaid, was grateful to find the note. "I was quite emotional when I read it. In this day and age promises are made and promises are broken and you lose your faith in human nature," he said.

First, Mr. Webb, relax. Losing your faith in humanity over 5 is a bit melodramatic. Second, all you Brits must emulate this responsible Australian man. He not only paid his debt, he added interest as well. If all you scallywags possessed half the accountability of Mr. Fenton, you'd have made quite a dent in your reparation payments. Instead you sit in those cramped little closets you call flats, eating some old cardboard you fool yourself into thinking is Christmas Pudding, watching the British pound sink lower than the euro, drinking an inordinate amount of liquor to silence that little voice that says, "Oy, we really should'a joined the EU!" Keep dawdling in your misery; see where that takes you.

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