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BBC Fined For Fake Phone-In Contests

12.19.2008 - BBC fined for phone-ins no one could win

The BBC is being fined 95,000 by Ofcom (the British FCC) for running phone-in contests on their radio shows that viewers could not win. The programs were prerecorded, making it impossible for listeners to call in and win.

An Ofcom spokesperson said: "Ofcom was very concerned by the repeated, premeditated and deliberate decisions to include competitions in prerecorded programmes broadcast 'as live.' The code breaches constituted a significant breakdown in the relationship of trust between a long-established public service broadcaster and its audience."

Ofcom also uncovered that an online poll to name a cat on a children's TV show was also rigged, proving that the BBC has no heart.

We've argued with many a Briton about news sources. They bash CNN for being biased and not reporting the truth. We say that the BBC is funded by the Queen herself and is not to be trusted. Looks like we were right.

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