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YouTube Comments- England: Evil Empire- Everybody's Getting Paid

12.18.2008 - YouTube

Although i live in UK i would like some of that reparation money aswell. I have suffered under the British rule as much as everyone else.

Oh yeah, im sure the Jews regarded you as very polite and honourable.

charlie22260 (2
reply to elberiver.
firstly dumbass, the british are not a species. homo sapiens are a species.
secondly, those RAF Bombers were on the defensive, from your fuckin german raids "blits" on london town nd more. killing millions of innocent children and people.

so dont bring war into this, in any war both opposing sides can look evil.
but i would say the germans killing jews, blacks, gays, disabeld..etc was even more evil than the brits defending themselves, and europe. so fuck you

oh lets not say how much america should own mexico, after the american-mexican war.
and the americans took many mexican lands, like califonia, arizona, new mexico, colorado, etc.
and occupied the mexico city forcing mexico to surrender
making mexico also become a third world country, as america took all their fortune, and lands. i bet the cost of that is well high compared to britain colonising america actually making a country ? so we have to pay money, whilst you destroy one and get land

This is obviosly bullshit,e's takin d piss no1 wud refer to an oasis song if dey wer serious!+how do dey owe every1 in d world muny,they onli owe it 2 der old colonies,africa,india,canada,t he original 13states and ireland!Dey should be made pay but not 2 sum muny hungry yank whos pissed off!

you wouldnt even fucking be in America if it wasnt for us. your ancestors are the pilgrims that moved over there to escape prosecution in this country. KKK, bloods and crips are all the result of your fucked up backward-thinking dumb yanky doing.

I think that if the Brits gave everyone 8 grand, they'd all chip in on a isotomic destabiliser beam, which would be used to incinorate the guy behind this shitty book.

I dont understand the point of buying a cancer ward baseballs, all the kids die ....

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