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YouTube Comments- England: Evil Empire- BBC Drivetime Interview

01.21.2009 - YouTube

I have to say well done to Steven Grasse. Even if this is serious or if it was all a big joke doing all this stuff got his book a lot of publicity and hence its done its job in making him money. I don't even care about the arguments he makes, it was just a good piece of business.

Most of the world's problems can be traced from Britain to Venice.

I meant to the oligarchy of Venice itself.

How? May I ask? Hows the foil hat by the way?

i would rather kill steven with a paperclip than give him a single penny

exactly they speak what we are

yeah those fucks woudnt be here if it wasnt for us

un-greatful britian

If we are so guilty then why don't all the black, white and hispanic Americans up and leave and give everything back to the red man? Hokahei.
I like his well-thought academic arguments and the fact that he doesn't really that the Englishman is mocking him.

Could we talk about the ONLY NATION that has dropped two ATOMIC BOMBS on a civilian population.

pommyland is a class bound society they'll never be egalitarian and free like Australia no matter how hard they try.

I have no sympathy for poms, eat shit and die.

So what this bloke blames us for Iraq because we made it an independant country. And yet America's voice across the world is that countries should be independant and free to form any constitution they want. Then he blames us for Global warming because of the industrial revolution, 1) if we hadnt began the industrial revolution another country would have, 2) Without it the world we live in today would't exist.

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