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YouTube Comments- England: Evil Empire- BBC Radio Interview 4

01.13.2009 - YouTube

Rothschilds control the Fedral Reserve which is a private body and the American goverment does not control it

Last I checked the Rothschilds had the controling share in the Bank of London,Strange that

Amazing how when US presidents have tride to end the Centeral Bank and the Reserve. They wind up assassinated such as Lincoln,Garfield,JFK

How is it Lincoln survived assassination throughout the civil war? When he wanted to change the Fedral Reserve his guards had the night off, odd that

Please. It is a miracle how so many of you Rothschild/British paganism conspiracy nutters are attracted to these videos like flies to cow shit.

Exactly, today the American public pays taxes to the Queen of England through the privately owned Federal Reserve Bank.

The Kingdom of Great Britain is the new Venice.

Ie., the City of London, the District of Columbia, and the Vatican.
Also known as the Empire of the City.

The British Empire is bunch of City of London financiers, an immoral coven of Venetian Bankers who use usury, debt, and Central Banking to cause societies to collapse.

United Kingdom of Great Britain of the Empire of the World.

pommyland is a class bound society they'll never be egalitarian and free like Australia no matter how hard they try.

I have no sympathy for poms, eat shit and die.

Steven A. Grasse. U are a cunt.

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