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YouTube Comments- England: Evil Empire- Get Paid!

01.05.2009 - YouTube

omg i dont want 8000 whatever money. BECAUSE ITS NOT MINE ITS BRITAINS! I cant beleive your blaming britain for americans who cant pay off their monthly house payment.

We are skint

1: Then why would you want to give them money?
2: The UK is a democracy and was so long before america, and in fact many of the "Founding Fathers" regarded democracy as "Rule of the Rabble"
3: Im pretty sure they're more annoyed by the US starting wars and bulying smaller countries.

1: I want to give the world money in the best way I can.
2: A place where you can be ordered to not be sarcastic to anyone is not a democracy. Also what is "Rule of Rabble", please clarify.
3: Please give me some of the wars we have "started" and I will be sure to give a remark.

I quote ICBR. "$8,350 to every person on earth" EVERY person on earth Jacob to spend as they see fit. "Rule of the Rabble." Elaborated it simply means the uneducated, the rowdy and the drunkards are the majority and efectively rule. Not that it is the case with democracy, it is simply what many of the Founding Fathers thought to democracy. And i suppose the middle east just collapsed itself then? You may not have acctually fougt in some of the wars but you sure as hell started them.

That's what education is, so that the people aren't stupid. It's sad that some Americans don't want to go out and learn, we cannot force them to learn. It's time to stop giving government taxes to lazy people that won't get an education or a job, my family is extremely poor but I plan on getting a college education. You're right the middle east didn't collapse by itself, England did it! They couldn't decide rather to give the Jews or Palastineans that land in the Middle East so they let them

For gods sake! I dont mean it as a likeness to modern democracy, i mean it as what many of the founding fathers (Founding fathers being Washington, Franklin etc). If we hadnt done it you certainly would have. Did you ever stop us? No. Did you acctually help, encourage and partially finance the plan? Yes.
America also has a little deal with other oil bearing nations so you sure as hell cant critizize. Worlds most poluting nation doesnt spring up overnight. At least not without Oil

What countries, please elaborate. Also legislation has stopped the president from doing many things, such as joining the League of Nations. We vote for the president, we vote for certain people to go into legislation. We didn't want to get involved with England and the middle east, if you didn't know we were in a deep depression.

fight over it, England also had a little deal with Saudi Arabia to keep the oil flowing for E3000! England couldn't even set up a stable government in Iraq and so it was taken over by a military group, you just gave up and went home in 1947

And thats another thing to. Instead of sweeping it under the rug and blaming someone else why not roll up your sleeves and get to work? Are you poor by american standard? If so, hows that new TV?

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