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YouTube Comments- England: Evil Empire-

01.27.2009 - YouTube

This is poor. If history has taught us anything it is that Reparatios do not work. Germany just after WW1 for example. The treaty of Versailles labels the Germans with "Unlimited Indemnity" and a large sum of money is demanded and Self-determination is to be Imposed which strips Germany of all its territory save its native land. Unlimited Idemnity means that Germany would always be considered responsibe for WW1 and the casualties inflicted.

Self determination was Imposed by American president Woodrow Wilson, and It meant that almost every racial group would have its own land, resulting in many of today's eastern european countries. A good idea at a glance maybe, but just look at the trouble those nations cause today. Then there was the demand for reparations. The Germans started paying but it was Futile. Their industrial powerhouse, the Rhineland was taken away. Germany struggled and combined with the wall street crash...

...Germany went into a state of Hyper inflation. Prices skyrocketed and a loaf of bread could cost over 1 million Deutchmarks. There is civil unrest. Both Communist and Fascist parties gained. Eventually, geinie comes out of the bottle. Hitler is now Fuhrer. The main point is that reparations always leads to disaster for multiple nations.

I so agree with this interpretation. They wanted freedom but it was ingnored because of the Empire. They were the ones who made slavery become a major issue at the time and that they were ruining most peoples' lives.

i rate this 4 stars.. The british destroyed the countries economies just so they can take it away. an example is that the british took the africans' riches. another is the slave trade because the british benefited from it severly(10,000,000 slaves???) thats a joke!!?!?!?

i agree with this because...

they didnt let them have freedom. they riuned their lives. A example of this is they bought africans. Another one is the benefited 10,000,000 slaves

this video misses one very basic thing that England isn't the only British country Scotland Wales & Northern Ireland is British to i can see how some people might be confused about it but if this book is as well researched as these idiots say it is then they should know this lmao the facts my ass Ive never seen this book in a book shop and have a sneaking feeling i never will .

Get Paid?
there isnt one FACT in the book

it is hard to take a video seriously that claims Britain oppressed Antarctica.

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