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America's Old Technology Is Cutting-Edge In Britain

12.15.2008 - Virgin Media launch Britain's fastest broadband service

Virgin Media is gearing up to offer England its fastest internet connection this summer. Using "cutting-edge cable technology," the internet will reach speeds up to 50Mb/ps. The fast connection makes the whole surfing and downloading experience so much better. Trust us, we've been browsing at that speed for TWO YEARS now. Frankly, we're ready for more speed, which is great because Verizon has confirmed that they'll be offering 100Mb/ps here in the States in April. Oh, and there's one tiny hitch with Virgin's plan. Millions of Britons live in areas without cable access, meaning they've had to use dial-up all these years. While others living in more affluent areas have enjoyed broadband internet for quite a while. Virgin's new service will only be available to 10% of its customers. Wonder who will get the fast internet...

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